Gourmet Tea & Jam Pairing

One of the oldest traditional pairing!


Put a small spoonful of jam in your mouth

and then sip the tea through the jam.

The hot tea melts the fruit preserves and transforms the flavor giving to our taste buds an unforgettable taste experience.


Enjoy these hand crafted award winning,

100% Natural Artisan Jams from Madagascar.


So well loved by 3-star Michelin Chefs!


For best experience, use a clear heat resistant glass mug or teapot. Ideally, the glass is 12cm high and 8cm wide.


Each bud blooms at a different pace, typically 5 to 10 minutes.


Woman in White

LY LEE, 31 JAN 2021

It all started last year when I was looking for a gift for a dear friend who is a vegetarian. I happened to chance upon the counter at Takashimaya. Subsequently I went on to get more during Christmas. Finally I got some for myself. Seeing how the tea bloomed is just therapeutic.

Successful Woman


They have the best and most unique tea ever. All their flower tea are special and comes with different flavor. Blooming and blossom flower tea makes my day even happier when I enjoy my tea with just any food I pair it with. Super love their rose tea with a great scent and taste. My all time favorite tea from Petale Tea.

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C T, 12 OCT 2020

Highly recommend this! Lovely products that really leaves you all calm and relaxed! The packaging is perfect as a gift! you can even get the big box to add more items inside alongside with the range of teas. Don't have a transparent teacup? fret not! even a simple cup makes the tea blossom with delight and flavour! Truly a treat for both the eyes and tongue. Sincere and friendly lady boss too!