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Art of making blooming tea 07/10/2020

Ever wondered how blooming tea, which is also widely known as flowering tea or flower tea is made? Blooming teas are a combination of tea leaves and different types of flowers such as gomphrena, marigold, jasmine, and many more. They are skillfully hand sewn on and tied together to bloom into beautiful, mesmerizing shapes that resemble a dancing lady when brewed.

1. Preparation

Tea artisans first choose the finest premium green tea and flowers and cover them over wet cloths so that they will be softened and be sewn on easily. After picking out the tea, they select the materials and weigh them for each teaball which is about 6-8g. Flowers that are used include jasmine, marigold, or other edible flowers.

2. Sewing

When the materials are ready, gather the tea materials first and sew them together as a bundle using natural white cotton strings. Then, sew in the flowers with the same string and then wind them around the tea leaves. Lastly, sew the flowers on to the flowers on the end and knot them together. One key point is to keep going back and forth to ensure that they are not too loose nor too tight. If it is too tight, the tea leaves and flowers might tear!

3. Binding

Now that your teaball is almost done, tuck the flowers into your palm and roll them to make to into a ball shape. Using more thread, wind them around the tea ball to secure the shape. Then, wrap them with white cloth and bake them to allow them to dry completely. The tea ball is now ready to be steeped and to drink during your afternoon tea break!

It sounds like a lot of work and effort, because it really is. Each tea ball is hand sewn on and requires a lot of practice and hard work to get a perfect bloom every time. Many times, handmade versions might not open up and might be disappointing after so much effort. Thus, it is definitely worth it to order a pack of our award-winning blooming teas to try out if you do not have the time or patience. Each blooming teaball can be re-steeped multiple times, so it will definitely be more cost-effective than buying the materials and trying it out yourself. With 12 flavours to mix and match from, you will be able to try out a variety to pamper yourself with and pick which one you would like best!

However, if you are truly interested in the art of making your own tea ball, Petale has a workshop session that guarantees you to bring home at least one of your very own handmade blooming teas. Inclusive of tasting of 2 blooming tea designs, 3 blooming tea flavours, raw materials, a $10 voucher, our signature Petite Gift Bag of 6 teaballs worth $32, as well as your very own handmade teas, it will be an experiential day to have with your loved ones.

If you are interested to sign up for our workshop session, get the updates here:


Anne Sharifah
Anne Sharifah

How interesting! Thanks for sharing how the sewn flower teas are made. I have a question though - do we steep the tea ball with the cotton string? Is that safe or even appetizing?


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