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Behind the scenes of Petale 19/10/2020

Here at Petale, we strive to always improve and to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Ever wondered what we are doing behind the scenes? Here are some occasions where we offer our services as well!


Mid-Autumn festival symbolizes family reunion and is a day where families appreciate the moon together by having mooncakes and tea. Similarly, gifting of mooncakes and tea from friends and family is also a tradition. We thus provide gifting solutions for mid-autumn where they can gift teas that bloom into a flower – which is auspicious for the Chinese as well. By watching the teas bloom, it will be a heartwarming while memorable experience.


Christmas is the busiest period of the year for us! As it is the season of gifting, people, as well as companies, are often looking for gift hampers and bulk orders for Christmas gifts that are unique yet memorable. Thus, we provide services such as Christmas hampers for companies who want to send their well wishes to their customers and clients for a merry Christmas and a happy new year! By sending blooming tea which is out of the norm, the recipients are sure to be promised an unforgettable experience.

Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, gifting is also a common custom. Thus, gifting of Chinese new year goodies such as cookies and bak kwa are extremely common. Petale constantly innovates and provides new and creative ideas for the festive season. In one of our orders, we had a pineapple shaped box for the Chinese new year – accompanied with customizable cards and different flavours of our blooming tea, it will definitely be a unique gift that will never fail to impress.

Building Relationship with clients

Companies are always on a lookout for a corporate gift that fits their company image and is different from all the normal gifts. By sending out gifts to their clients and partners, companies will be able to build relationships with them and thank them for their support even further. Thus, Petale helps by providing customized solutions such as customized boxes and cards to ensure that the gift looks perfect.

Petale will always be a gift with experience that is unique and surprising. Be it for a thank you gift, staff appreciation gift, corporate gift, Christmas or Chinese new year gift, there will always be something for everyone. With personalized options such as boxes and cards, our award winning tea will surely impress anyone you are planning to gift to! If you are interested in engaging our services, do leave us a message in our contact box and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

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