Best gifts for your significant other (her)! 26/10/2020

Gifting has always easily been one of the hardest things to do. We would often wonder what the different preferences, especially when it comes to our significant Hers. Impressing with a Wow factor is important, and we want to make it right. Fret not, we will be sharing 5 types of gifts that your significant Her would love!

The Fitspo – Lululemon Align Pants 28”

Every fitness enthusiast needs a pair of battle tights – and what would be better to surprise your significant other with a special coloured pair? Known to be the comfiest fitness legging, Lululemon’s Align Pants 28” is definitely the best choice for fitness lovers.

$120, available at all Singapore Lululemon retail outlets.

The Scented Lover – Yankee Candle’s 22oz Warm and Cozy

For Her who loves all things scented such as candles and diffusers! If she loves scents, she will love Yankee Candle’s Warm and Cozy. Warm and Cozy has a woody scent that is going to make her feel as if a beautiful bonfire night in a soft serve blanket. Go for the 22oz size which provides over 110 hours of burn time!

$29.50, available on the Yankee Candle site or retail outlets

The book lover – Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Dating a lady that fancies reading a lot? The Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof is the best gift as it is thin, lightweight, waterproof, and reads like real paper in direct sunlight. It will sure to free up space in her bag and allow her to keep a library of books all in one device.

$136.66, available on Amazon Singapore