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Best ways to pamper yourself 02/11/2020

We often think about gifting others and making our loved ones happy, and tend to forget about our own wellbeing. Many often neglect self-care, despite it being vital to our mental health. When we take good care of ourselves, self-care can improve self-esteem, self-awareness, and happiness overall! To help you out, here are 3 ways at 3 different price points that you can consider to pamper yourself and practice your self-care this month!

A Relaxing Onsen Experience

Relax from the fast paced everyday life by making a visit to Ikeda Spa, an award winning Japanese Spa in Singapore. Standing out from their competitors by using real hinoki (high quality cypress wood only reserved for royalty in the past) in their onsen, Ikeda is definitely the spot to be treated like royalty and self-pamper! Choose from several options of their signature treatments ranging from the Ganbanyoku Detox Massage to the Geisha Organic facial. There will bound to be something for you!

Ikeda Spa Singapore, Price $$$

Art Jamming

Fancy releasing your artistic instincts and spending time on yourself through art? Arteastiq is a combination of a tea lounge and an art jam studio which encourages people to gather for a therapeutic experience. With several promotions going on such as Tuesday friendship day and Wednesday Girls Day out, it will be a fun experience to bring along another friend and pamper yourselves together!

Arteastiq, $$

Home Café Experience

Enjoy spending time alone? Spending time alone can be a form of self-love as well. Simply spend a day doing things you like such as reading, watching shows you love, or even cooking for yourself! Having a home café concept is definitely another idea that you can try at home. Simply pop Pétale’s teaball into a teapot or tea glass, add in hot water, and enjoy it while you are doing things you love. It’s aroma, paired together with the experience of watching the flower bloom will definitely be a relaxing one! It is definitely a café experience without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to pair it with your favourite dessert or snack!

Pétale Tea, $

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