Celebrate your Christmas this year with Petale 05/11/2020

Christmas is the time of the year where people are always thinking of what to get, be it for friends, family, loved ones, or even corporate gifting! After all, we all just want to bring happiness during the season of gifting.

To help you with your decision-making process, Petale has come up with a series of Christmas appropriate gifts for the year 2020!

The Classic Gift Exchange – Petale’s Petite Red and Classic White Bag

Packed in either our Petite Red Bag (6 teaballs) or the Classic White Bag (12 teaballs), these are the most popular options when looking for gifts! Having a variety of flavours packaged with the elegant eco-friendly design bag, there will be nothing not to love about them.

Choose also from the WFH Essentials option for the set with a Hario Teapot.

The Mini Gestures – Blooming Delight, Butterfly Kisses, and Limited Edition Tea Tins

Perfect for gifting colleagues, employees, or friends as small tokens or gifts! Butterfly Kisses are dainty gift sets that come with a butterfly box alongside with 3 different teaballs.

The limited-edition tea tins are ideal for tea lovers who prefer loose leaf tea. With the choice of either rose tea or green tea, alongside 6 different tea tin designs, it is a very customized gift. However, do take note – customizations are only while stocks last! Order early to secure your desired tea tins.