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Everything you need to know about hosting the perfect afternoon tea blending workshop

Singapore is a wonderful country with one of the most rich and diverse heritages and cultures in the world. Among the many rituals and cultures followed in the country, the local culture of tea takes a crucial place, with many tea cafes and stores popping up around the nation. Tea has also increasingly gained popularity in several workplaces in the form of tea workshops in Singapore. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it is incredibly important to take a break and slow down. These tea-blending workshops in Singapore can help you do just that. So, if you are interested in learning how to put together a successful tea-blending workshop, you are in the right spot! Read on to find out more.

Pétale Tea’s Workshops in Singapore: What to Expect?

What occurs in a tea workshop; do you simply sip tea? Is that all that happens? No, absolutely not! While you will get the chance to enjoy a rich cup of tea (or more!), there is so much more to a tea workshop in Singapore. Through our workshops, you will get the opportunity to step into the captivating world of tea and learn many interesting and educational insights.

Be prepared to be amazed by our intriguing tea talks that will enlighten you about the difference between blooming teas and floral teas in Singapore as well as showcase the numerous benefits of drinking flower tea. In addition, you will learn more fascinating details about tea, such as the different types of tea blends and their diverse purposes.

Our tea experts will also walk you through the differences between food flavouring, extracts and natural ingredients. Do we use any food flavouring or extracts in our products? Are natural ingredients better for your health? Why are food flavouring agents used? The answer to all these types of questions will be tackled at our tea workshops in Singapore.

Our tea workshops are not restricted to simply discussing the variety of teas and their benefits. We can also organise specific fringe activities and other team-building activities in Singapore that will allow your employees to bond well and have a great time. This kind of team-building workshop goes a long way in creating a cohesive team by enhancing their social and professional connections. Furthermore, our Pétale Tea connoisseurs will demonstrate how you can blend and brew your very own tea. We are very passionate about tea and take a very hands-on approach so that you get to have the magnificent experience of making your cup of Pétale Tea.

Tea Blending Workshop in Singapore: Basics and Essentials

Now that you have a good idea of our workshops, let’s go over the fundamentals of hosting the perfect tea blending workshop.

  • In order to avoid last-minute changes and hassles, plan ahead and make sure the selected day works for all the participants.

  • Select a spacious and inviting venue that allows your guests to be comfortable and relaxed.

  • When discussing your menu, ensure that you have a large selection of tea blends and pairings for an enhanced experience. Don’t forget to check on any accessories or tea wares that are necessary for your event.

  • If you would like your event to stand out, think about your venue decoration – you may need certain decor items like floral centrepieces or lighting. But this is entirely optional and will depend on your preferences.

  • As a company with years of experience in the tea industry, we recommend that you go over every little detail on your itinerary. Talk with your organiser about the type of activities offered so that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

  • If you would like to hand out some gifts or goodie bags, do speak with your workshop host beforehand so that you can provide a memorable tea gift for your guests. Additionally, you may choose to customise and personalise your tea gift with selected tea blends and gift cards with messages.

Work with Pétale Tea and Make Your Tea Workshop A Success!

As one of the leading and award-winning tea gifting brands in the country, we offer a variety of floral and blooming teas. Each blend is meticulously crafted so that every cup of tea you have will leave you with a gratifying experience. 

While spreading happiness with our teas is our main mission, we have not forgotten about the environment. This is why we have taken the initiative to be more eco-friendly and have pledged our commitment to sustainability. 

So, would you like the premier tea specialist in Singapore to host your tea workshop in Singapore? Come and visit our store today or contact our team. We look forward to helping you make your workshop memorable.

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