FAQ/Myths and legends of blooming tea 23/10/2020

There are many questions and myths about blooming tea that people often ponder about but dare not ask. Here are some interesting questions and stigmas about blooming tea answered!

Blooming tea should only be brewed in transparent teapots

- Blooming tea can be brewed in any kind of teaware, or even infusion water bottles if you’d like to bring them out and have them on the go! If brewed in normal teaware, the side of the blooming experience might not be seen as it will be blocked by the opaque cup or teapot. However, the experience is a completely different one as the blooming is viewed from the top and it can be equally – if not even more beautiful to see! The possibilities are endless – tea wares, tea glasses, water bottles, or even office mugs. Here at Petale, we showcase our beautiful designs with our tea glasses, which are perfect for personal consumption, and on days we want to self-pamper ourselves!

Blooming tea can only be brewed for one time

- On the contrary, blooming tea can be brewed and re-infused up to 4-5 times! Simply continue topping up the water after your first brew to watch the flowers bloom which takes about 5-8 minutes.

Is blooming tea halal?

- We totally understand your concerns about gifting this to Muslim friends. These are completely safe for Muslim friends. Our blooming tea is made of tea and and edible flowers, and it does not contain any type of haram ingredients. So go ahead and feel safe gifting our blooming teas to your Muslim friends. In fact, we have a handful of Muslim customers who make their frequent purchase with us.

The flowers have to be thrown away after drinking

- The flowers can be kept for another 2-3 days as a table decoration to wow your guests if people are coming over! Simply remove the flower from the original tea brew and put it in a transparent tea glass or cup – then gently pour tap water on it. The water will then be clear and the flowers look beautiful. You can do this for the next days, changing the water every morning and discarding it after.

The only way to brew blooming tea is by adding hot water

- Fancy having your tea cold as well? You can actually cold brew our blooming tea apart from the traditional way of drinking them! Simply steep the tea ball in cold water for at least 5 to 6 hours or overnight for even stronger taste. Cold brewing is extremely recommended for our tropical paradise collection flavours such as they are infused with natural fruit extracts to give you that fruity taste, which is perfect for hot days.