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From Classic to Exotic: Affordable Tea Gift Options

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

There is nothing like a welcoming cup of warm tea that brings people together. Whether you are at a gathering with your friends and family or celebrating a corporate event, floral teas are the perfect beverage to relax and have a good time. When it comes to gift giving, these teas are also a fascinating and thoughtful gift option for any event. Flower teas and everyday teas come in a wide range of blends and selections to suit every taste and occasion. While having multiple choices is a good thing, selecting the ideal tea gift in Singapore might turn out to be an overwhelming task. So how do you make the right choice? As the premier tea specialist in Singapore, Pétale Tea has the answer for you. Our flowering tea experts have compiled a list of tea gift options that will impress any tea enthusiast.

Why You Should Gift Pétale Tea

Before we dive into the enthralling tea blend options, let’s take a quick look at what flowering tea is all about. Flowering teas, also known as blooming teas, are handcrafted with carefully selected dried tea leaves, wrapped around a flower or two. When this hand-sewn bulb is steeped in hot water, it begins to unfurl and bloom, creating a magical experience for any onlooker. Whether it is your first or hundredth time experiencing it, you are sure to be amazed.

Blooming tea is not simply a drink that is to be enjoyed. It also comes with an array of benefits that can improve your health. Floral tea is known for enhancing the immune system, which is important in fighting against disease and infection. It also has antioxidants that may help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, it has a relaxing effect that can help you stay calm and free from stress.

At Pétale Tea, you will also find a selection of different everyday teas like flower tisanes and other exquisite tea blends and traditional teas that can rejuvenate your body and mind. Flower tisanes, often referred to as herbal teas, are made from an infusion of specific herbs and flowers. Some seasonal teas contain a blend of fruit infusions and herbs, such as the Lychee Black and Peach Oolong tea which have a rich and pleasant taste.

Pétale Tea Gifts in Singapore: What Are Your Options?

If you have come to Pétale Tea with the hope of finding quality tea gifts in Singapore, you are in luck! Pétale Tea has a comprehensive collection of tea gift sets and hampers that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. You can rely on us to provide you with quality products. Our store is one of the most reliable corporate gift suppliers in the country.

Pétale’s Signature Gift Sets

  • Fruity Délice: Do you want to impress a business partner or colleague who has a special fondness for tea and flowers? Then this might be the ideal gift for them. This gift set comes with a flower dome and a dainty tin of fragrant Peach Oolong tea.

  • Floral Afternoon Luxe: This gift set has a red flower dome and contains 12 varieties of blooming tea! You will also receive a Buckingham glass teapot and four transparent double wall cups with this set. It is a great gift to celebrate any milestones or happy moments in life.

  • WFH Essential (Classic and Petite): Gift this work-from-home kit to a friend or yourself! It comes with an assortment of 12 tea balls and a Buckingham teapot. If you need a smaller assortment, do check out our petite version.

  • Célébrer L'amour: Do you need a tea gift in Singapore to share with a loved one? Célébrer L'amour is a wonderful option. You can choose from an array of different flavours of our most exclusive blooming teas.

  • Bonnie and Cooper: Do you want to impress your family members or friends with a treasure box of tea? Then this is the ideal gift for them. This set has an option that contains Peach Oolong tea with four blooming tea boxes. There is another option that features an award-winning artisan jam, which is perfect for jam enthusiasts.

  • Charlie and 3 Angels: This combo gift set comes with a double wall glass, a blooming tea sachet and three Ohayo tea tins! This will be a great gift for any traditional tea lover.

  • Classic Blooming Assortment Gift Bag: This tea gift bag in Singapore will definitely evoke joy and wonder and is also a great conversation starter at parties.

  • Smell The Roses: This kit and the Sophistication of Bulgaria tea set will make any rose lover happy. Amongst other things, it also comes with a complimentary soap and personalised card.

  • Tea Wellness Routine: This gift set has a collection of all our signature teas, including a limited-edition tea blend.

Gourmet Tea and Jam Pairing Sets

For an exotic tea delight, gift our hampers that come with gourmet tea and award-winning jams such as Tea Lux, Mango-licious Medley, and Bernadette's Afternoon Sampler Set.

Pétale Tea’s Budget Gifts

While it is absolutely wonderful to give an expensive present, what is most important is the thought and effort that goes behind your gift. If you need a simple and thoughtful tea gift in Singapore, browse our budget gift sets for an affordable option. From Azure and Florets, Mini Butterfly Kisses, Heat Resistant Tea Glass and Butterfly Miniature Box, and Mini Blooming Delight, there is something to suit every budget.

In addition to these wonderful options, Pétale Tea also offers virtual tea blending sessions. You can expect to be dazzled in the world of tea from the comfort of your home! Whether you need to surprise your mom with a thoughtful gift or your friend on their birthday or promotion, our tea gifts will create incredible memories that will last a lifetime. On top of all these, we even host live tea stations and corporate event services; you can have a great day with your team members and give them a gift they will never forget. As one of the most trusted corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, you will not be disappointed with our quality products and services. Get in touch with us to get a special Pétale Tea gift today!

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