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We did it! - Corporate Live Wire Singapore Prestige Awards 2020 30/10/2020

Pétale is proud to announce that we are the 2020 winner of Singapore’s Prestige Awards Blooming Tea Business of the Year awarded by Corporate Live Wire! “The judges admired Pétale’s attention to detail and emphasis on sustainability. Pétale’s therapeutic and elegant teas are widely loved, offering a unique experience to clients and loved ones alike.” – Corporate Live Wire, 2020.

For the past two years, Pétale has been working continuously hard to ensure that all of our customers will only receive the best. From gifting solutions to weddings, corporate events and even blooming tea workshops, we have come a long way with the different types of services we include. Started as a brand of aspiration, courage, and empowerment, we will continue to thrive and work even more to achieve our goals in the future.

Honoured and grateful to our loyal customers, we would like to thank all of you for supporting us throughout the journey. We will continue to work on making our products natural, and also to do our part to help our environment by continuing to be eco friendly and sustainable.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to another great year of confidence with you!

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