Weight: 90g


12 types of fragrance:



 -Natural rose water, natural rose buds.

 -Hydrate and soothes the skin.

 -Recommended to ease depression symptoms, decrease anxiety and stress.   -Anti-fungal & stimulates sex drive.



 -Essential lavender oil, dried lavender blossoms.

 -Soothes, refreshes and deodorizes the skin.

 -Recommended for fungal infections, wound healing, anxiety disorder,

     premenstrual emotional symptoms.



 -Essential chamomile oil, dried chamomile blossoms.

 -Tones, refreshes and hydrates the skin.

 -Recommended for wound healing, skin irritation, pain relief, general anxiety

     disorder, depression and anxiety and aids sleep.



 -With peppermint oil

 -Refreshing and soothes the skin.

 -Recommended to reduce muscle & joint pain, fever, prevents sinus, boost

    energy, helps in ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anti-itch, clear

    acne, relieve headache.



 -Rosemary essential oil, dried rosemary needles.

 -Gives the skin a fresh look.

 -Recommended for general hair care (stimulate follicles & slow down                     premature hair loss), skin hydration and elasticity. Improves brain cognitive           function, relieves stress, boosts immune system, relieve pain & removse bad       odor.



 -Essential grapefruit oil, loofah – natural massage sponge.

 -Exfoliates the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite.

 -Recommended for boosting metabolism & reducing stress. Relieves                     hangover symptoms, antibacterial, reduces inflammation & prevents acne.



 -Essential oil of cedar, dried oak bark.

 -Toning and relaxes the skin.

 -Recommended to prevent infections & reduce inflammation. Relieves spasm,

     acts as an astringent, relieves symptoms of seborrhoea.



 -Essential cinnamon oil, cinnamon stick.

 -Invigorates and tones the skin.

 -Recommended for arthritis relief & athlete’s foot. Improves brain functions &

     reduces depression.



 -Essential oil of juniper berries, juniper berries.

 -Relaxes the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite.

 -Recommended for cleansing the skin. Also helps to provide a calming,                 grounding effect that is ideal for any massage.



 -Patchouli essential oil, dried Bearberry leaves.

 -Soothe the skin, with beneficial effect in case of cellulite.

 -Recommended for depression, eliminating odor, inhibiting fungal growth



 -Essential sandalwood oil, dried star anise.

 -Brings harmony and relaxing effect on the skin.

 -Recommended for mental clarity, aphrodisiac, astringent, anti-viral and

antiseptic & anti-aging.


Ylang Ylang


 -Essential oil of ylang-ylang, cinnamon stick.

 - Beneficial for the immune system, cardiovascular system and endocrine             system.

 -Recommended for sedative effect, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, mood

     enhancer, reducing stress, nourishing skin & hair.