Our Commitment to  Sustainability

Gifting does not have to cost the Earth. We want to help you reduce waste & embrace a more eco friendly gifting choice.

Keeping in mind that packaging wastage is prevalent in the gifting industry, these are the initiatives we have built into our business and daily routine! 



Gifting doesn't have to be always using a lot of materials such as a "box-in-a-box" + a "box-in-a-bag" concept. We have thoughtfully designed our 2 in 1 pillow bag to be classy, minimalistic and comes with half the carbon footprint saved while reducing material wastages. 

The choice of clever packaging design allows us to avoid sticky tapes, staplers and plastic. We do away from the traditional hamper designs. If need to, we recycle the ones that come with the packaging our products arrive in. We encourage you to reuse them if you happen to receive one from your order.

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The Zero Waste Packaging Initiative is a ground-up movement started by The Sustainability Project.

The main aim is to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through these means.

We reuse clean used boxes and packaging materials for our orders. These packaging materials are adopted in our daily operations and support groups. Don't be surprised to receive a packaging with other brand names. However, we also understand that you may be concerned over the presentation if you are ordering as gifts. We have taken care to ensure that all gifts will come in brand new or brand new looking cartons.



Packaging is defined as the item that is used to hold your products when you deliver it to your customer. 


Tea is healthy but not the plastic that comes in it!

We encourage our customers to use stainless steel tea diffusers or washable tea bags for better health and an eco friendly choice. Most teabags contain micro plastic, even in paper looking ones.  In order for the tea bags to seal up and keep their shape in hot liquid, a plastic polymer, namely polypropylene, must be added. 

Due to the plastic content, conventional tea bags cannot completely decompose. This makes them a bad option for compost material and the environment… not to mention your body!

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We are happy to partner with susGain. The rewards app for YOU, the PLANET & the COMMUNITY!

Find us on susGain app and get cash back for the purchases from us! susGain will donate an equal percentage to the charity of your choice.